Framing Social Media for Learning – A Positive Example

Our research has shown that the media often publish stories about the perils of living in a digital world. However, we found a very encouraging example that indicates how to positively frame digital media use for students.

In a recent article in the New York Times, a high school English teacher talks about the role social media plays in our lives.

The teacher, Jennifer Pust, said:

 I think the reason why I use social media is the same reason everyone else uses it –  it works. I am glad that it is not more restrictive. I understand we need to keep kids safe. I think that we would do more good keeping kids safe by teaching them how to use these tools and navigate this online world rather than locking it down and pretending that it is not in our realm.

Mentored use of social media is a key component of the Digital Media and Learning perspective. Jennifer Pust emphasizes this language in her quote. She stresses the use and functionality of this medium, while also including the important element of why students need adults and teachers to guide them in the digital space.

The FrameWorks Institute is currently working on helping DML advocates and experts better communicate the educational benefits of social media use for students. You can see some of our current DML research here. We are currently in the process of testing key framing elements that can be used to build greater support for DML programs and policies. Stay tuned for more!


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