Occupy the Classroom!


Photo via (cc) Katie Stafford Strom

Occupy the Classroom is one of the headlines on the New York Times this week….and, no, it isn’t talking about sending protester signs from the parks into schools (although that would be a sight to see).

It is, rather, a catchy title that draws attention to an issue that isn’t often on the front page of a paper.

Nicholas Kristoff, one of the Times’ columnists, co-opts the title and uses it to reframe early childhood education. He argues that early childhood education is a strong force that can decrease economic inequality.

With the aid of a report by James Heckman (a Nobel prize winning economist), Kristoff details the economic argument for early childhood development across the country. Heckman’s report is a unique take on the issue that frames Early Childhood Development as an important economic investment. The report also addresses conditions beyond the family that affect early childhood development (as our FrameWorks Early Child Development Message Brief suggests).

What is your opinion on using the “Occupy” movement to bring other important social issues back into the public dialogue? Could the term become an over-saturated communications device, or is it already?


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