New Research from Mississippi now Available

As most of you know, quite a few groups put out annual indicator data.  Different groups (from government agencies to nonprofits to private companies) measure all kinds of things – areas with the most economic growth, drop in home sales, numbers of children living in poverty, number of obese children, standardized test scores, etc…  In those data, it is not unusual to find the state of Mississippi at the bottom of many of the positive indicators (especially around educational advancement) and conversely, leading the country in those indicators that denote significant social challenges.

For several years now, FrameWorks has been engaged in research to help education advocates in Mississippi frame the challenges facing the state in ways that might advance a more productive public discourse about many issues.  The first phase of this work is now complete and on our website for downloading.  If there was ever a place that could use the power of Strategic Frame Analysis™ in turning around a discourse, education reform in Mississippi is it!  Take at look at what we’ve been up to!

Telling New Stories in Mississippi to Inspire Engagement and Change: A FrameWorks MessageMemo

Her Daughter was One of Them: How Personal Narratives Attach to Public Issues in Mississippi News Coverage

Appealing to Mississippi Values: Values that Elevate Support for Education Reform and Addressing Racial Disparities in Mississippi


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