Kids today!

We couldn’t have written a better satire of the dominant frames about youth…. but this isn’t a satire.

The topic? i-Dosing;  getting “digitally high” from listening to specially engineered sound files

This has just about everything you could wish for in a story about teens:  The “you’re not going to believe what they’re up to now” theme; appropriate doses of fear about a new danger confronting kids; what parents and schools can do to stop this, etc.

In the video below, you’ll see that the alarm has led the Oklahoma Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs to issue warnings to children not to do it…and alerts to parents that iDosing could indicate a “willingness to experiment with drugs.”  And some schools are cracking down on the use of cell phones and iPods because of this.

Makes you wonder what those same schools offer in their vending machines. Or what the nutritional content is of school lunches. Or how many have physical education requirements.

Moral of that story? It’s terribly easy to play into dominant frames about youth. Curious as to fellow framers’ thoughts….


2 thoughts on “Kids today!

  1. Very interesting…I actually looked into some of those “digital drugs” on YouTube to find out if they really work 🙂 Essentially, these videos use binaural music tracks that are used by people for meditation and relaxation. A more appropriate term for these videos would be “digital meditation,” not “digital drugs.”

    However, nothing drums up a good local news story like a moral panic about teenagers. While the (obviously primed) teens shown in this video corroborate the moral panic story, the young people that commented on this video on YouTube found it ridiculous and demeaning. I find that one of the biggest obstacles to moving the public conversation on young people is the fact that informed and intelligent young people are missing from the conversation. I’d like to see young people take a more prominent role in the public sphere so that stories like this do not end up reinforcing the dominant cultural models about teens.


  2. Thanks Shannon for checking out the sites. I did as well. I think it is unfortunate when the media ” hypes up ” and fear mongers which in turn creates intense interest in the selected activity by youth . I am sure these sites got a lot of hits thanks to the news story in the video clip.
    I agree parents do need to be involved in their children’s lives but not over reactive .As far as binaural music tracks are concerned I don’t anticipate increased drug issues.
    The unfortunate message from this clip is mistrust of our youth and creating drama that need not exist. Why do we ,generation after generation ,do this to our youth?


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